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A Restorative & Creative Mini Retreat


A Restorative & Creative Mini Retreat 

Dive into your feminine side with this sacral-inspired experience.  Join Crystal, Jenny, Bonnie and Jess as they take you on a mini retreat focused on your Sacral Chakra.  

The Sacral Chakra is your second chakra located in the lower abdomen.  It is associated with your emotions, creativity and sensuality. It is also connected to your sense of taste and reproductive organs.  

If this chakra is blocked you may experience restlessness even if you have everything. If this chakra is overactive you may experience issues of excess and conflict with addiction and unhealthy relationships.

This mini retreat is for you if you are experiencing: 

  • Mood Swings 

  • Feeling your emotions more deeply 

  • Become overly dependent on others 

  • Disconnected 

  • Guilt 

  • Shame 

  • Lack of creativity and/or sensuality 

  • Bored 

  • Fear of change 

  • Low self worth 

  • Jealousy 

  • Envy 

In this mini retreat you will learn new ways to balance your Sacral Chakra.  When your Sacral Chakra is active your emotions are balanced, you are fearless, and your sex organs are healthy.  Learn how to be in flow with your Sacral Chakra. 

Jenny will dive deep into your Sacral Chakra and the benefits of keeping it balanced.  You will learn how to boost your confidence and let go of guilt. Jenny will provide everyone with a Sacral Chakra Stone teaching you ancient ways to help balance this chakra.  You will leave with powerful affirmations to help keep this chakra balanced.  

Crystal will be combining her love and passion for art and Mother Nature. She will prepare fresh, botanical elements and show us how it connects to our unique, feminine qualities. We will go over the history and therapeutic value of mandalas and then create your own unique design. Following this, the mandala will be cleared to represent the ever-changing flow of life. At the end of the session, you will be given an organza pouch to place your petals in to take home and dry. 

In this yoga class, Bonnie will guide a half power vinyasa flow - full of energetic and powerful poses to fluidly move you from one posture to the next, while connecting your breath to movement. The other half of the time will be slower, more restorative poses. Be prepared to FLOW between effort and ease. Please bring a yoga mat or let us know if you don't have one and we’ll make sure you are covered! 

Jess will end your practice with a guided meditation which will focus on breath work to help calm your mind, then slowly move into the sound bath portion. The sound vibrations will help shift your brain into a further meditative and relaxed state, also known as the theta brainwaves (4-8 Hz). The subconscious of creativity allowing you to go into a deeper state of relaxation, to help quiet your mind and heal your body.

The sounds are created by a variety of instruments, including drums, tuning forks, rainsticks, chimes, Himalayan and crystal singing bowls. You will leave feeling zen and blissed out!

Self Investment is $125.00 

Sign up today and receive a 20% discount. Say what!?! Which means you get this entire mini retreat for $100.00.

Date: Saturday, October 26th 

Time: 10:00 to 2:30 

Place: Synchronicities 

What is included: 

  1. Light refreshments provided by Natural Grocers 

  2. Create your own Mandala

  3. Organza pouch with your Sacral Chakra petals 

  4. Inspirational Messages and handwritten card

  5. Sacral Stone 

  6. Sacral journal + Pen 

  7. 6” Singing Bowl

  8. More feel good surprises as we get closer 

Space is limited!! You do not want to miss out on this mini-retreat!!  Take the time to disconnect and focus on yourself. We promise it will be the best four hours of your own personal growth.  

Please reach out to any of us if you have any questions.  We are so excited and cannot wait to share this with you.  

Love & Light, 

Bonnie, Crystal, Jenny & Jess

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