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Sun Goddess Manifesting Retreat

Summer Solstice 2019

Awaken your senses, nourish your soul and recharge your spirit during this magical mini-retreat with Sonia G & Jessica Marie!

Aligned with the transformational energy of the Summer Solstice Sun, we will be reconnecting with the Sun Goddess within each of us, our divine feminine power of creation and manifestation.

A glimpse into our 2 days together :

On Friday, the Day of the Solstice, and the day ruled by the Goddess Venus, the Sun will be shining on us for the longest day of the year, bathing us in sacred codes that awaken our DNA and activate the healing within our cells. We will be out on the desert Salt Flats, barefoot on the healing salt, integrating and bringing in the light energy.

Sonia and Jessica, together with our light sisters Rachelle and Mayra, will be performing an ancient Sacred Healing Dance called the Dance of Light, through which every Goddess will receive an Attunement to the high frequencies as we bring together the magic of Heaven and Earth.

You will also receive an energy clearing in this beautiful energy that you will be able to energetically extend to your whole family & friends through a remote healing activation we will be extending to all in a written ceremony.

We will end our magical evening with a sound bath under the stars and stargazing, until we are ready to head back.

NOTE: All Goddesses are welcome to have a slumber party at the Studio for the night! If you choose to participate in this option please bring blankets and pillows to get comfy. Ear plugs will be provided as Title Boxing next door starts their first morning class at 8am.

On Saturday breakfast will be provided and we will be ready to dive into Astrology, Crystals and Manifesting. We will be at the Studio for the day, every Goddess will receive a printed out personalized Astrology Chart & Manifesting Workbook.

We will go over the magic of understanding the star placements in your life & continue on with Crystals Grids and how to tap into your true manifesting power.
All the Magical Spiritual Things we will experience:
Dance of Light Energy Attunement ~ receive a high frequency attunement through an ancient Dance of Light performed at the Salt Flats
Astrology Charts ~ your own personal chart printed out just for you + we go over the insights!
Manifesting Workbook ~ experience the magic of reprogramming and working the steps to manifesting
Crystal Grids ~ use the magic of Crystals and Sacred Geometry
Crystals ~ you will receive your own set!
Meditation ~ get in alignment with your Higher Goddess Power
Sound Healing ~ experience the healing of sound under the stars and at the Studio!
Goddess Elixir Ceremony ~ the Goddess Farewell

AND it gets better!!!!!

All Food, Snacks and Drinks
Crystals and Grids
Flower Crowns
Goddess Workbook
Private FB Group Community

PAY IN FULL BONUS*** The first 10 people to register + pay in full will receive a surprise Sun Goddess VIP gift bag! ***
Payment Option: 2 Payments of $277.50 (due by 6/20)
*payment option available at after 5/11.

We have the option for you to join in LIVE & via the Quantum Field to receive all the benefits and healing of our Mini-Retreat! If you can’t make the trip in person, this option is inclusive of all PDF Materials, list of how to prepare, and Access to all Video Content.

Payment Option: 2 Payments of $149.50 (due by 6/20)
*payment option available at after 5/11.

Can't wait to get our Sun Goddess Manifesting Vibes on with you!

Much Love ~
Sonia G & Jessica Marie

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